I don’t feel it’s right when sinners call themselves religious. But I guess that’s what religion is, a bunch of sinners. Not to be confused with what God is though, religion and God is not the same thing. I’m a believer by heart, I want it to be true. The end will tell. You can be a believer without being religious. I’m not religious. I am not religious because of the sins of people who call themselves holy. Priests, radicals, even the Vatican.. corruption and evil.

Not saying I do not sin, I sin.


3 thoughts on “God

  1. It is possible to be a believer without being religious, but one can also be religious without being corrupted by the less-scrupulous one finds in every faith. Reglion and the institutions of religion were set up by and run by man; and man, of course, is infinitely fallible. That doesn’t have to take away from the original intent of the religion, however.

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