Pregnant Women Smoking Should Lose Custody

This is an extreme opinion. I want to convey that I understand the thought process of those who oppose, I just don’t agree.

The respect I have for children is without limits. Therefore injustice, negligence, harm and any other form of disrespect towards children is unacceptable to me.

I intentionally picked an attention drawing title for this post. My intention is deliberate, wishing to stir up your emotions and make you think about it.

There are many ways that a pregnant woman can do harm to their unborn. My reason for debating regular cigarettes is because it is something we see too often in DAILY contexts. It is everywhere within eye view. Cigarettes are more natural to society than heavier choices like illegal drugs. They still do unforgivable damage. How can you do that as a mother and say you love your child?

I don’t feel a woman has the rights to do that to a child, even if it’s her own. It is a NEW creature, such a beautiful thing who deserve far more respect than that. I don’t care if you want to bring disease and early death to yourself, but when you are dragging an innocent child down with you I feel you have lost your rights to parent that child.

I wish to see children with their birth parents, without any doubt; but I feel that the pregnant woman who smoke has made Her choice obvious.

There are countless of articles on the web about how cigarette smoke effects a fetus. I suggest you use your favorite search engine and read as many as it takes for you to start caring for the health of your child.

I just want to slap you bitches.


Smoking pregnancy

Pregnant Woman Smoking



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