Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman, poster.

Snow White and the Huntsman, poster.

A fairytale created with modern day technology, Snow White with a twist. Snow White and the Huntsman appealed to the girl in me. The fairytale touches, both evil and good, were very much enjoyable; the experience during the hallucinations in the dark woods and the touches of fairytales  in the sanctuary. Especially the snakes on the branches (or… snake branches), the butterflies that act like the petals of flowers, also the dark winged humanlike creature coming out from the trees. It gave it a type of Alice In Wonderland feeling, also baring resemblance to the 80’s movie Legend which I’ve dedicated an entry in the past. I used to love these save-a-princess stories as a child, naturally fantasizing about being the princess.

I liked the evil stepmother’s, Charlize Theron, spiky crown. Not a fan of the Twilight movies so I haven’t seen much of Kristen Stewart besides what I inevitably see online and in magazines. I was unsure whether she would make or break the role as Snow White but she did better than I was prepared for.


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