Don’t Feminize Your Boys.

” Should we follow our child’s lead in the way they want to dress/act? Or should we instill in them the “classic” gender roles that society has deemed appropriate? “

My personal thoughts are that if we are not “controlled” (within reasonable limit) it could easily be that we go too far. We should guide our children and keep them within certain frames to prevent confusion and other issues down the road. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t accept that, in the future, should they want to take a different road.

I was reading a celebrity blog which lead me to an article where the quoted question in this post was asked. It sparked my thoughts and I decided to write it down.

We need to discuss things, even simple things such as the differences between boys and girls. Blue and pink. Car and doll.

I know there are mothers who would disagree with me, mothers who seem anti gender roles. I don’t think we have the right to let our own anger with society or gender roles affect our children. I actually feel it’s important to be clear with what is considered feminine and what is considered masculine.

You know, the world… is a certain way. I feel it is wrong to “allow” children things which possibly could make them target of bullying or other misjoy. No where close do I suggest we shouldn’t be ourselves… but children don’t know that much about the world so it is wrong of us parents not to guide them.

Don’t feminize your boys. A grown man need to feel he is masculine, unless he is homosexual… perhaps (? I know nothing of this).  It’s tough being in this world as it is, let’s not add gender confusion to the list.


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I love the great response that the previous entry, titled Through A Rapist’s Eyes, has received, it makes me really happy that a thing of such importance is being shared by you all. Great work!

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