Family Bible

Family Bible

Family Bible – stories, background, history, geography.

Bought this book a while back titled Family Bible which has both illustrations and text, because I thought it would be a good book for young children. It has now come to my sons attention and he says it is his book, we look through it every day and I explain what the pictures mean and read some of the text. He now recognizes some of the names and show extra interest in certain events.

I feel it’s a good introduction to knowledge about The Bible. Fact that The Bible is misinterpreted in many ways and other things can wait a few years. He hasn’t turned 4 yet. For now it’s a good story.


Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones 2011 poster

Game Of Thrones 2011 poster

Seven noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros.

Peter Dinklage (the dwarf) was marvelous in season one, he lost his charm in season two. His ardour, wit and impressionistic dialect left a weak shadow. In fact, in my opinion, the entire cast was brilliant in season one and failed miserably in season two. All expect one, the character of Jon Snow who continued to capture the audience (me). I am sure the poor script contributed: it wasn’t as witty and perfected. Game Of Thrones was well put together in first season: everything balanced a perfect story.

They need to go over all film from the season two archive and have the guy who edited season one put together season two as well. I think that is the reason season two didn’t mesmerize quite as much.

I give season one a 10. 171,884 votes on imdb rate Game Of Thrones with 9.4.

I want to read the first book.